Organize and Secure Your Healthcare Data


Your Medical Records

Data from Wearables

Your Lab Results

Your Healthcare Records

Your data

This is information about you and your health. You own it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Your asset

You own other assets such as your car, your house, your investments. Your health data is no different. It may even be more valuable than all your other assets.

Your right

When it comes to medical records you have rights. Privacy rights and who you want to share your data with.

Your choice

You have a choice regarding who you share your data with, when you share it and how much of the data you want to share.

Just Imagine

Freedom from paperwork forever

If you were to walk into a doctor's office or were admitted to a hospital, and you never had to fill out another form. You just swipe your phone in front of their Electronic Healthcare Records system and your health records and insurance information get uploaded directly from your phone right into their system. Even if you move to another town or get admitted to a hospital when you are traveling you never have to fill out those time-wasting pesky forms again. And all your private data is always transmitted securely from your phone to the hospital system.

Not paying another dime, ever

Only in the healthcare industry do you have to pay again for something that you already own and paid for. It is your medical records. You should never have to pay to access your healthcare data or if you want to share these records with another physician for a second opinion. Electronic transfers of medical records to your phone don't cost anything to your physician or the hospital. You shouldn't have to pay for things that are already yours and have a legal right to access.

Saying no on consent forms because you can

Brokers are selling your healthcare data every day making millions of dollars. This is your data that someone else is profiting from selling it. Not only do you not benefit from your medical records being sold, you may not even know when and how your data is being used. Data brokers can do this because you gave your consent to your doctor or your hospital to share your data. While the providers do need to share medical records there is no reason why your health data should end up in the hands of brokers.

Being in complete control of your healthcare data

Instead of relying on some third party to be a custodian of your healthcare records, you have all your own data in one place; on your phone and your cloud. Your medical data and your healthcare transactions are made secure and private using blockchain. You can opt to share your medical history with research organizations or pharmaceutical companies. You can even shop around for health insurance and your employer may even give you a break on your deductibles if you show progress on your health indicators.

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